I‘m running for Milford’s Board of Selectmen because:

  • I've developed an increasing passion for MILFORD & her people over the last 22  years.    Liz  and I have come to know & care for many of the fine folks who   have made MILFORD  the charming New England Town we love so much. 
  • Early in life, I learned that being part of something larger than myself  gave me great rewards, gave me focus, a quiet pleasure  in Community life.
  • Our beautiful Town of MILFORD is that ‘greater good’ for me. NOW is my time to make really meaningful contributions to help other folks in our Town.
  • MILFORD & her people move me to want to be involved, to use a lifetime of skills, developed in other places, for other ends,  NOW, able to be USED to help others, to find a way to have a smaller, a more affordable government.  
  • Work we get done, closer to home, money spent here in town, stays here, money we send to the state, with perhaps some given back later...  is never worth as much, administrative burdens eat a share  as overhead.
  • Folks in MILFORD are strong, self reliant, & we are able to do more for ourselves, for one another, much more affordably than any  distant,  expensive government administrator.  
  • Money saved here can be invested here, perhaps to help  to  lower our  property tax bills!