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  • Health care is one of the very most important decisions that  a person will ever make in their lifetime.  This not only can make a  huge financial difference in your life but, in the final analysis, the  skills of the Primary Care Physician, as the gate keeper to all other  specialty care providers, is of paramount importance.  Sadly, many folks  do not see the PCP as highly essential as those doctors who have  decided to specialize in a subcomponent system of our body.  The Team is  the true essential approach and the PCP is the quarterback of that  team.  It is the PCP who coordinates the efforts of the other doctors  and often ties reports from various tests into an integrated whole view  of your physical being.  
  • Beyond being  allowed to select the Team who will be providing your care...  if you  are allowed to have any choice at all.  The other side of our political  equation advocates for the 'one payer solution' which is like the  forever challenged Veteran's Administration System.  There are many fine  physicians and deeply caring people within that system but it is run by  politicians  and is the second largest federal agency we have!  The  cannot even spell the name of the agency correctly.  They insist that it  is the Veterans Administration and if you will look a few lines above  you will see, from a Veteran's  point of view, what we feel President  Abraham Lincoln would have insisted be hung on every building of that  bloated agency.  The medical and compassionate care for torn minds as  well as sundered bodies require that it forever be the Veteran's  Administration.  
  • I strongly caution all  citizens before leaping at the 'one payer' system of free Medicare for  all to look at the Veteran's Administration closely.  Look at their  Inspector General's reports.  Look at all of the cost overruns, the  bungled operations, the problems getting critical care givers to fill  the many empty slots while veterans wail patiently, many who have no  other option but to rely upon the free care (like free medicare for all)  given to we Veterans who signed that one huge blank check with no  amount scribbled in the upper right hand corner when we signed the  paperwork, raised our hands, and took our oath of office.  
  • Every  citizen, illegal trespasser in our country will wait in the same lines ,  out the door, around the block, and into the middle of the next quarter  before we are able to secure an appointment.  Then, when we arrive for  that appointment, the time we get to spend with the doctor is rationed.   There is no time to diagnose, research, to be sure.  Your time is  usually short and other patients are waiting.  That is not a criticism  of the fine people who try to help under trying conditions of small  resources and great demands.  
  • Free is not  always such a great deal.  I, every other Veteran, has paid for that  care we try to assure ourselves, has the magic bullet for that which  ails us.
  • Veterans often have disease  conditions which are challenging to diagnose, we may wain for decades  with the same complaints, wasting away before the eyes of our families  as we beg, help me, can't you please help me?  Our government has costs  to consider; Agent Orange, the Atomic Veterans, Gulf War Syndrome, Burn  Pit Ailment...  the list is long and mysteries abound
  • Under  these large, lumbering systems provided by the government, the few, the  ones who fall through the crack, those who need that little bit more,  he who does not squeak up loudly enough can be forgotten in the large  crush of the daily grind which is hard upon the providers of the  services as well as the people who are being served.  
  • The  Medicare system often does not deal fairly with the providers in a  financial manner.  Payments run late, are less than the care costs to  deliver, leave too little margin for the hard working medical teams to  find to be worth the effort of providing.  We are going to have to face  one huge harsh reality; health care is just too expensive to be free.   Look around at Europe, look at Greece, they had to be bailed out by the  rest of the European Union.  How faires Russia, how fare the Russian  people.  Look nearer to our own clinics, at Canada, they have a fairly  good system as systems of their type run.  How long must you wait before  your turn arrives for an MRI, a PET Scan, a surgery?  If you are, say  68 years of age and are diagnosed with a certain fast moving ailment, is  there time enough?  Time enough to wait while the system churns its way  toward your case, your turn under the knife?
  • ​Free,  in a huge, impersonal system, ineffective at best, slow and ponderous,  can be unaffordable to those who treasure their health.

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  • Purpose: protect the common good, usually of Towns, Villages, up to the colony level.
  • Skirmish at Lexington, Massachusetts.  8 USA KIA, 9 wounded to 1 wounded British trooper.
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  • ​I've a personal devotion to keeping the God given right of  both personal self defense safe from government cycling from one extreme  to the other.  Once our Rights can be increased and decreased, 'given  and taken' by our government, they stop being "Rights" at all.
  • The  main reason we were guaranteed our God Given Rights by our founders is  that they saw, first hand, the tyranny of government by A man, in this  case the king of England, to take the Rights and Freedoms of all of his subjects.  Our founders intended that never to be able to happen in America because every citizen  was a free person with rights, the right to keep and bear arms. The  government should know that their power comes from the people and that  the people could take their power back at any time.
  • ​God  given Rights are immutable, not chips to be tossed onto the table to be  bargained with and they are not putty in the hands of international  unelected buearucrats who do not understand America or Americans.  This  is our country, our blood flowed over these hills and washed down the  streams.  They are not welcomed to step upon our shores and dictate to  us as they do to their own subjugated masses who beg for a crust and  have no rights, even their own lives.