Issues II

Educational Choice:


  • The current educational system is a monopoly
  • The current educational system is not particularly effective at producing superior results
  • the current educational system is quite expensive on a cost per student basis
  • The current educational system is increasing in cost and decreasing in effectiveness
  • The current educational system is not capable of serving every family or every student's needs fully
  • The  current educational system served our needs from the 1930's - the 1960's  perhaps but has grown too ponderous too slow to adapt to newer  technologies and new methods of learning, incapable of meeting the  rapidly evolving needs of both the greatest number of students and  the requirements of the few outliers who wish to go in a different  direction or learn best in a different way, at a different pace.​

Government Accountability and Transparency:


  • Too very much of what is done in the name of the people is  hidden from the people. 
  • We are charged with being good fiscal stewards  of public funds and, by most measures we have accomplished that which we must.
  • We must account for the funds we entrust to people hired to spend public monies wisely.
  • We trust our government to spend our money fairly,  honorably, and honestly.  
  • We have set an Executive  Council above everyday bureaucrats.
  • They exercise oversight and control, assuring funds  are safeguarded and not squandered.
  • The veracity of government's benevolence, we trust but must preform our due  diligence.

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