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"Believe you can and you're halfway there" ~Theodore Roosevelt

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The Honorable Governor of New Hampshire Christopher T. Sununu & wife Valerie

New Hampshire's Governor the Honorable Christopher T. Sununu, wife Valerie, Calvin, Edie, & Leo.

The Governor's Family Himself, youngest State Governor in the nation, wife Valerie, Calvin, Edie, & Leo.  Click on the Governor's picture to visit his Website's Home Page.

State Representative The Honorable Keith Ammon HillsboroughDistrict 40

Keith, Milford's Floterial Representative.  Click on Feith's picture to visit his Website's home page.

The Honorable State Senator Kevin Avard & wife Tracy

Kevin, Tracy & their five children reside in Nashua.  Kevin is a small business owner and (understandably, very pro business).  Please click on the picture to visit the Home Page of Kevin's Website.

State Representative Candidate John Yule

John Yule is a Land Surveyor and has worked extensively in the retail sales area.  Click on his picture to visit 

Milford State Representative Candidate Mike Thornton

Mike & Liz (34 years since their 5 November 1983 Wedding) at the chapel on Hanscom Air Force Base (Bedford, MA).  We live quite near Fitch's Farm on North River Road in Milford.

Please Support Gary

New Hampshire State Senator & Mrs Loreen Daniels

The Honorable New Hampshire State A Senator Gary & Loreen Daniels.  Click on Gary & Loreen's  picture  to visit Gary's Website Home page.

Working Diligently For You

In Milford since Nov 1998. Mandy & Libby went to Milford schools. Liz worked at Hitchiner.

Mike Thornton here.  Committed to making your voice heard in Concord.  Like you, I want to play an active role in my community, our  community, and the Great State of New Hampshire.  We all want our Town to be a safer, entirely  drug free, better place to raise our children, run a business, and  build a future filled with hope, and unlimited potential  growth Governor Sununu  delivered.  


If you share Mike Thornton's passion for small, primarily local , goverment & for keeping taxes as low as possible, vote (X) THORNTON, Tuesday, 6 November '18

Liz Thornton photo.  Background is her large Kiwi vine on a steel trellis.

Liz Thornton photo. Background is her large Kiwi vine on a steel trellis.

america's constitution

  • Constitutionally Conservative.
  • Like a strong Bill of Rights.
  • Powerful Second Amendment
  • Protection for all of the people  

Community Activities serving you

  • Souhegan CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) Team member - 7 years. CERTs are called into action by our Town's Emergency Services Manager, at their direction, we work in tandem with our Town's existing paid professional resources.
  • Souhegan CERT, protecting: Milford, Lyndeborough, Mont Vernon, & Amherst.  
  • Meetings 2nd Thursday of each month Amherst at the  Firehouse at 7 p.m. 
  • Welcome! New members always needed. Many chances to serve our Town. Drop in.

Our Beautiful Constitution

Constitutionally Conservative by  nature; I especially support the Bill of  Rights, with the second amendment's  27 words resonating  powerfully  within the heart of  this  weathered  United States Marine. 

  •  The blessings and guarantees of our Constitution is the great difference between the United States of America and many other countries.
  • A major tenant of our our law holds that a Woman is innocient until proven guilty beyond a 

zba Selectmen's Chambers 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month

We are always striving to include more of Milford's citizens in our open government and processes.  Come in and visit.  We begin at 7 p.m.  See how our Zoning Ordinance is enforced but flexibility is allowed to promote the most latitude for property owners. 

the united states marine corps

Boot Camp June 1969 Drill Instructors:  SSgt Parker, SSgt Donnellan, & Sgt O'Reilly.  Platoon 2105, meanest bunch of recruits to ever hit the "Yellow Footprints"  at the Marine                           Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, California (next to the airport).  

the united states marine Corps

Check out this great video

the united states marine corps - visit to okinawa, japan

Finally getting orders to Vietnam, I'd expected a direct flight.  Life as a Marine is full of surprises.  Mine was when a squad Marines board my '707 when we landed to refuel.  I became the victim of a "press gang," Yanked off my jet & put to work at "Force Logistics Support Section, Camp Foster."  "Request Mast:' asking your commander for a favor, orders to Vietnam  again!  Success, right after NCO School, Camp Smedley D. Butler.

united states marine corps Danang vietnam I corps the dmz

  • Arrival at Danang Air Force Base, Vietnam. 1970 Red Beach & North.
  • Days, Air Conditioned Computer Center.
  • Nights, North of base Listening Posts.
  • Rifles, no ammunition, Rockets incoming
  • Freedom Bird 27 March 1971
  • Civilian 10:32 Hours, 31 March 1971
  • Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio

United states marine corps, first duty Camp Lejeune, nc.

  • Camp Lejeune. Supply Company, 2nd Service Battalion, 2nd Mar Div.
  • Every Marine is a Rifleman! We had rifles.
  • Many routine duties. "Request Mast" for Vietnam assignement.  6 no, 1 yes! CG-FMF, LANT orders: "transfer this Marine RVN, forthwith.  My seabag was ready!
  • June 1970 depart Norton AFB, CA 
  • Land on Okinawa to refuel, "press gang."
  • Force Logistics Support Section
  • NCO School. Camp Smedly D. Butler

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Michael Thornton for Milford State Representative

561 North River Road, Milford, NH 03055, US

(603) 249.6666 Mobile
(603) 249.9981 Home

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your 2018 State Representative Candidate Mike (X) Thornton


"Whether you think you can,

     or think you can't--you're right"

Henry Ford


"Live Free or Die;  

   death is not the worst of evils."

General John Stark


Please vote Mike (X)  Thornton

for State Representative in the

General Election 6 November 2018

cast your ballot at the Milford Middle School, 33 Osgood Road.


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